The Making of Folk Told Me

Below is a behind the scenes snippet of KAC’s first Artist Work.


What is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprises are organizations that create positive social change within the context of sustainable business models.

Currently, social enterprises around the world are developing new and powerful solutions to society’s most challenging social issues.

They represent a powerful new breed of organizations that create sustainable societal change by combining the passion of social mission and the efficiency of a market-based approach.

KAC is a social enterprise because it uses media production and community generated art projects to teach and engage marginalized communities in the arts.

Source: Social Enterprise Institute

Folk Told Me Hip-Folk Album underway

KAC is rolling forward! The KAC business plan, a 30 page document outlining the long term vision for KAC, is in its final stages.

KAC has begun production for Part 1 of it’s first Artivist Project Series: Viable Recollections Part 1 of 2, which consists of Players Girl and Folk Told Me.

Folk Told Me Vol. 1 is a series of international cultural collaborations bridging the gap between the young, the old, the new, the contemporary and the traditional, with hip-hop as the point of reference—sampling, remixing, remaking and undertaking the content/ sounds of folk, traditional, and indigenous music.

The basis for Folk Told Me, the world’s first hip-folk album is a collaborative musical album, and KAC founder Jazzmen Lee Johnson’s first album, featuring a plethora of South African musicians and producers. The project will also feature a series of music videos, a graphic novel, and tour, and art exhibition. For more information about Folk Told me, and to listen to a track from the upcoming album, visit

Kelly Tsai and KAC will Produce “Player’s Girl”

The above video was directed and produced by KAC founders Jazzmen Johnson and Alli Maxwell. It features internationally renowned spoken word artist Kelly Tsai. One of KAC’s first projects, Player’s Girl, is a spoken word video based on Kelly’s poem also entitled Player’s Girl. Kelly explains the project to her fans on her website:

“In collaboration with Kinetic Arts Collective, Moving Earth Productions re-unites the creative team behind “Black, White, Whatever…” (Director: Jazzmen Lee-Johnson, Producer: Alli Maxwell) for its first international collaboration. Based on Kelly’s poem “Player’s Girl,” the video will be shot in Capetown, South Africa and integrate the evolving history of race identity in South Africa into Kelly’s narrative about a woman’s love affair with a musician. The metaphor of the woman distinguishing herself as being more than just her lover’s “instrument” will be juxtaposed with the changing multiracial and transcontinental realities of music throughout history from jazz to hip hop to kwaito.

For more about Kelly Tsai, visit her website.

Kell Tsai

Kell Tsai

Introducing The Kinetic Arts Collective

The Kinetic Arts Collective (KAC) is a green social enterprise and artist cooperative set to launch in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2009. Our  mission to is to provide struggling artists and under-served communities an accessible platform for economic sustainability, cultural exchange, and artistic excellence through the organic fusion of art and activism.

The purpose of our blog is to share with the greater community KAC’s journey from an idea to a reality. Here, will be post updates on our progress, as well work to engage our readers in relevant, mind-stimulating material, ideas, websites, artwork, and conversations. Additionally, KAC hopes this blog will serve as a resource for other artists, entrepreneurs, and activists.

Welcome to the KAC experience! Stay Tuned.

In solidarity for a better world,

Erica Camille
KAC Founder