Introducing The Kinetic Arts Collective

The Kinetic Arts Collective (KAC) is a green social enterprise and artist cooperative set to launch in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2009. Our  mission to is to provide struggling artists and under-served communities an accessible platform for economic sustainability, cultural exchange, and artistic excellence through the organic fusion of art and activism.

The purpose of our blog is to share with the greater community KAC’s journey from an idea to a reality. Here, will be post updates on our progress, as well work to engage our readers in relevant, mind-stimulating material, ideas, websites, artwork, and conversations. Additionally, KAC hopes this blog will serve as a resource for other artists, entrepreneurs, and activists.

Welcome to the KAC experience! Stay Tuned.

In solidarity for a better world,

Erica Camille
KAC Founder


One response to “Introducing The Kinetic Arts Collective

  1. Great point and very interesting food for thought. I’m not sure I have any clients I can replicate this with, but will bear in mind for the future. Regards

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