Kelly Tsai and KAC will Produce “Player’s Girl”

The above video was directed and produced by KAC founders Jazzmen Johnson and Alli Maxwell. It features internationally renowned spoken word artist Kelly Tsai. One of KAC’s first projects, Player’s Girl, is a spoken word video based on Kelly’s poem also entitled Player’s Girl. Kelly explains the project to her fans on her website:

“In collaboration with Kinetic Arts Collective, Moving Earth Productions re-unites the creative team behind “Black, White, Whatever…” (Director: Jazzmen Lee-Johnson, Producer: Alli Maxwell) for its first international collaboration. Based on Kelly’s poem “Player’s Girl,” the video will be shot in Capetown, South Africa and integrate the evolving history of race identity in South Africa into Kelly’s narrative about a woman’s love affair with a musician. The metaphor of the woman distinguishing herself as being more than just her lover’s “instrument” will be juxtaposed with the changing multiracial and transcontinental realities of music throughout history from jazz to hip hop to kwaito.

For more about Kelly Tsai, visit her website.

Kell Tsai

Kell Tsai


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