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The Making of Folk Told Me

Below is a behind the scenes snippet of KAC’s first Artist Work.


Folk Told Me Hip-Folk Album underway

KAC is rolling forward! The KAC business plan, a 30 page document outlining the long term vision for KAC, is in its final stages.

KAC has begun production for Part 1 of it’s first Artivist Project Series: Viable Recollections Part 1 of 2, which consists of Players Girl and Folk Told Me.

Folk Told Me Vol. 1 is a series of international cultural collaborations bridging the gap between the young, the old, the new, the contemporary and the traditional, with hip-hop as the point of reference—sampling, remixing, remaking and undertaking the content/ sounds of folk, traditional, and indigenous music.

The basis for Folk Told Me, the world’s first hip-folk album is a collaborative musical album, and KAC founder Jazzmen Lee Johnson’s first album, featuring a plethora of South African musicians and producers. The project will also feature a series of music videos, a graphic novel, and tour, and art exhibition. For more information about Folk Told me, and to listen to a track from the upcoming album, visit http://www.jazjoylee.com